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Trion World Network-Syfy MMO game gets title: One Earth

MMO game developer Trion World Network announced some time ago that it was going to team up with the cable TV network Syfy on a joint MMO game that would also be developed as a TV show. Now Syfy parent company General Electric has apparently sneaked in the game's title, One Earth, on their GE Reports web site.

There's actually little info on the game or the TV show itself in the web site's article or in the video that you can see above. There's a lot of general talk about how both the MMO and the TV series will link together. Events in one medium will be reflected in the other, according to reps from both Trion and Syfy. One interesting tidbit is that GE has invested in Trion World Networks via their Peacock Equity fund. However it will will be interesting to see if this project continues if Syfy and all of NBC Universal's properties will be sold off to Comcast as planned.



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