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Singularity delayed again? [Update]

We had a feeling this might happen since Activision hasn't been promoting this game at all for the past several months but today the GameStop web site changed the release date for Singularity, the temporal-themed first person shooter from developer Raven Software.

Activision's last mention of Singularity was that it was delaying the game from a fall 2009 release to a first quarter 2010 schedule. At the time the publisher said the move was not about giving the game more development time but that they didn't want to put their untested FPS against their 800 pound Modern Warfare 2 title. Now GameStop is showing a June 1, 2010 ship date for the game. We've emailed Activision's PR to see if they have any official word on a new Singularity release date.

Update: Activision sent over this statement: "Activision does not comment on rumor and/or speculation. We have not announced a launch date for Singularity."


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