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Download: Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead (Full Free Game)

Developed by a fan named Eric Ruth, Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead imagines how Left 4 Dead might have looked and played if it were developed for the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. The game supports up to two players, however it only uses pre-set keyboard controls. Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead is free to download and play.

"Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead is Eric Ruth's tribute to both the days of retro gaming and Valve's award winning FPS franchise. This de-make was developed with one particular question in mind: 'What would Left 4 Dead have been like on the Nintendo Entertainment System?' I tackled that question full force by creating this title and releasing it for free to the masses on January 4th, 2010."

Download Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead (21 MB)

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