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Rumor: Blizzard's next MMO a first person shooter title?

We are not sure why 2010 has started with a ton of anonymous game rumor stories but it certainly has. The latest one comes from French language web site NoFrag.com which claims via their own unnamed sources that they have a little more info on the next MMO project from Blizzard Entertainment.

It's been known for some time that the World of Warcraft maker has been working on their second MMO game for some time and that it will not be a sequel to their mega-selling debut game in the genre. NoFrag.com's story says the second Blizzard MMO game will be a sci-fi first person shooter based title that will also have some kind of social element. Naturally none of this has been officially confirmed by Blizzard and likely won't be for a while.

[Via Blue's News]

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