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Capcom: Flock didn't find its audience

It's rare that a gaming publisher admits that a game released didn't quite work out. In Capcom's case, the game that disappointed the publisher in 2009 appears to be Flock, the downloadable puzzle-platformer from developer Proper Games.

In a chat over at Destructoid, Capcom exec Seth Killian admits, "Games like Flock! were a low for me, just because I thought it had so many fun ideas (and even won a BAFTA), but didn't really find its audience." He added, "Launching a new IP is always hard. Maybe we should swap out the sheep for zombies?" The low sales for Flock have not affected the relationship between Capcom and Proper Games. The two are working on an upcoming new Final Fight game for consoles that will be released in 2010.

Download the Flock Demo (77 MB)

Gallery: Flock

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