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One-man developed MMO Love goes into beta next week

Can one man make an MMO game? Not without a lot of "Love" which also happens to be the name of the MMO developed by the one man team of Eskil Steenberg. The game's been in alpha testing for the past few months but on January 7 the game officially enters beta testing.

For the moment only people who participated in the alpha testing of the game (they had to pay 3 euros for the privilege) can access the beta. But Steenberg states that the beta will be open to anyone on January 7. The beta will still cost 3 euros to access for a 30 day period. Steenberg states that the beta means the game is now "feature complete". That means "all functionality planed for the full release have been implemented, so it's got loads of new cool stuff that I don't want to spoil."

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