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Don't play World of Warcraft while on the run from the law

We know playing World of Warcraft can be addictive but here's a big word of advice for those players who also happen to be running from law enforcement; stop playing right now. As reported by the Kokomo (Indiana) Perspective newspaper web site, a fugitive was found after the game's developer/publisher Blizzard voluntarily gave up info on his World of Warcraft account.

The Howard County (Indiana) Sheriff's Department had been looking for some time for a certain Alfred Hightower, who had a warrant with several drug charges placed on him in 2007. In their pursuit, the department found out that he had left the country to Canada and that he was also a World of Warcraft player. A request to Blizzard for info on Hightower's account yielded lots of info on him, including his IP address. It was this info that allowed the department to find his location in Canada. He was arrested there and is awaiting to go back to Howard County by January 5.

[Via WoW.com]

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