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Guide to TF2 Demoman Achievements, Part 5

Laddy! Yeah, talkin' ta you! I see ye've got a chip on ye' shoulder regardin' the whole eyeball thing. Don't worry 'boot it, 'm sure ye'll find a way to get back at all those lazy bloody nuisances with their eyes all intact. However, I canna stress enough that ye've gotta be usin' smart strategy, aye? Ye canna just waltz onto the battlefield with yer knickers in the air shootin' grenades all over the place. Tha's why I've got ye this great big list of things that need doin'. Ye get 'em done, I'll teach ye all I know about the fine art of blowing bloody betrayin' Soldiers ta pieces. HQ will even give ye some goodies for all yer hard work. So get out there and kill 'em all! Ye can see me first, second, third, and fourth sets of tasks if ye lost track of them too.

Decapitate 50 enemy players.

It's time for another grinding achievement. This time, you will have to use the Eyelander to cut off the heads of anyone who dares to approach you. That's it. Nothing else. We highly suggest that you do not farm this achievement, thanks to the fact that it is a grinding achievement. Doing it normally may be difficult unless you have the Chargin' Targe as well. However, if you have both the Chargin' Targe and the Eyelander, you'll will be getting heads left and right. So get out there and start pretending that you are Cooner McLeod

Note: The achievement title is a reference to the book and movie Trainspotting. The movie is about a group of heroin addicts in Edinburgh, Scotland as they deal with their various addictions to drugs and other aspects of life.

Left 4 Heads

Decapitate 4 players with only 10 seconds between each kill.

You do not want to even attempt this without the Chargin' Targe. It will be exceedingly difficult if you can't charge to at least get the first kill, as you won't have any way to close the distance easily. However, no matter whether you charge or not, after the first kill you will get 15 health and a damage increase. Tt'll make killing nearby enemies that much easier, so it's best to attempt this during a rush on your positions as you are defending. You can charge in, killsomeone with one swing, then go for the remaining kills.

To farm this, get four friends to play Scouts and stand next to each other. Decapitate them in order, and you'll get the achievement. It's very easy to farm, assuming you have four friends willing to just idle around for you. You can also farm this achievement alongside the Scotch Tap, as the kill from that taunt counts as a decapitation and adds to your overall heads count.

Note: It's time for another crossover with the Left 4 Dead universe! That crossover is this achievement, which is an obvious reference to Left 4 Dead.

Well Plaid!

Kill 10 enemies while assisting or being assisted by another Demoman.

The Soldier has a counterpart to this achievement titled Brothers in Harms, and the same rules apply here. Find a Demoman to help as you go around killing enemies. This is especially easy right now thanks to the large amount of Soldiers and Demomen pouring into servers. It's easiest to assist through sticky detonations, especially air detonations, so this is suggested over using the normal grenade launcher unless you need a specific achievement. Once you assist or get assisted in 10 kills, you will have this achievement. It should not take very long.

To farm this achievement, have a friend play a Demoman with you and another friend play Scout. One of you use a Grenade Launcher, and the other use stickies. Attack the Scout. It's as simple as that. If you get kills on the Scout with the Grenade Launcher, it even counts towards Glasg0wned, so this makes a good achievement to farm alongside Glasg0wned. If you have two other friends willing to die, you can both use stickies and get the Pipebagger achievement as well as three credits towards this achievement in a single detonation.

Note: It doesn't matter how you assist or are assisted. Grenade Launcher, stickies, Eyelander, or bottle are all valid methods of assisting or killing for this achievement.

Double Mauled Scotch

Kill 2 people in a single sticky jump.

Just like the Soldier achievement, this one can be easy or hard, depending on how good you are about shooting people in midair. However, it is significantly harder than the Soldier achievement, thanks to the slower attack speed and arcing trajectories. While the Soldier one is probably one of the first you will get, this one will probably be one of the last for the Demoman. It's quite difficult in normal play. The easiest place is, once again, the balcony of 2fort.

To farm this, get two friends playing as Scouts to stand on two piles with three stickies apiece. Plant two stickies beneath your feet, then detonate. You'll be flung into the air, the Scouts will die, and you'll get the achievement. You can also try doing it with the Scottish Resistance if you have difficulty with the normal stickies.

Note: This achievement can be acquired by killing a player with the initial jump detonation and killing someone in the air as well. The achievement title is also another reference. This time to the drink of the double-malt scoth, a type of alcoholic drink.

Loch Ness Bombster

Kill an enemy player with sticky bombs within 5 seconds of them teleporting.

This one is so ridiculously easy, assuming you have found a teleporter. Simply lay some sticky grenades on a teleporter exit. As soon as you see (or hear) the player teleport, detonate the stickies. You'll kill the player and destroy the teleporter, netting yourself some points in the process. The main difficulty is in finding an unguarded tele porter exit, as they are often protected by cautious Engineers that have set up a nest nearby. sometimes you can get around this by planting stickies while out-of-range and detonating them based on sound alone.

To farm this achievement, plant some stickies. Have an Engineer build all of his buildings (teleporter entrance and exit, dispender, sentry) on the stickies while you are a good distance away. Have the Engineer take the teleporter, then detonate your stickies. You'll get this achievement as well as The Argyle Sap. You'll also get credit towards Cry Some Moor! which is a grind achievement.

Note: This achievement is an obvious play on the Loch Ness monster. This is interesting, as the Demoman lost his adoptive parents in an attempt to blow up the Loch Ness monster as a youth. This caught the attention of his original parents, which then found him again.

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