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Star Trek Online offers "Name That Ship" contest

Have you ever thought the name "Enterprise" or "Voyager" were dumb names for warp-capable starships? Do you think you can do better? Cryptic Studios is giving you the chance to actually name some starship classes for their upcoming MMO Star Trek Online.

In the gallery below you can see the three ship classes that Cryptic wants its fans to name. The one on the left is an escort class while the one in the center is a science ship class. Finally the vessel on the right (the same that is shown above this news post) is supposed to be a cruiser class starship. You can submit your ideas from now until January 8. The winning names will be used for the in-game ships in Star Trek Online.

The people who submit the winning names will not only get a free Digital Deluxe version of the game but also a poster showing off the starship class they successfully named. We want the cruiser to be named Larry, the science ship to be Daryl and the escort ship to be named Daryl but that's just us.

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