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Guide to TF2 Soldier Achievements, Part 4

Maggots! The lot of you are spineless, inbred maggots! You are not even fit to lick the blood and snot off of my pristine boots! I will have you know that by the time I was your age, I had earned 3 Congressional Medals of Honor! For a single engagement! Regardless, if you want to be as fine of a Soldier as me, I'll give you some tips. If you can do all these simple, easy-as-American-apple-pie tasks, you'll be a Soldier in no time! You'll also get some fancy gear as well as the satisfaction of humiliating the Demoman to boot! Don't forget the first, second, or third pages of my riveting and inspiring advice!

Medals of Honor

Finish a round as an MVP 10 times.

This achievement requires only one thing: That you be a halfway decent player. The MVP status is given to the top three players on the winning team according to score, so it requires you to be in the thick of things, blasting away enemies and grabbing points like no tomorrow. Thanks to your strong attacks, this should be little issue. Just be a good Soldier player.

To farm this, join an empty server and just capture points or intel over and over. As you scored the most points on your team, you'll get MVP status, and even though the round doesn't count for the server, it counts for the achievement. Once again, it's another case of being able to cheat the system to get an achievement with nobody's help!

Note: Your stiffest competition here will be Medics, which rack of the points thanks to assists, and Snipers, whose continual headshots also give them lots of points. If your team has a lot of either class, it'll be difficult to get MVP status.

Ride of the Valkartie

Ride the cart for 30 seconds.

What an easy achievement. Naturally, you must be playing on a payload map, as these are the only maps with carts in them. You don't actually have to be on top of the cart, although it helps. You must merely be standing next to the payload cart for 30 seconds straight, and you'll get the achievement. If someone blocks the cart, it won't stop the achievement progress, but you still need to keep them from doing so. It's relatively easy, as long as your team is halfway decent.

To farm this, join an empty Payload server and jump on top of the cart. Ride it for 30 seconds and get your achievement. It's so ridiculously easy to farm that it's almost not worht it trying to get it through normal play. YOu don't need any friends or anybody on either team besides yourself. Just you and a Payload cart.

Note: This achievement is a reference to the musical piece Ride of the Valkyries, with is most often associated with a scene from Apocalypse Now where helicopters storm a beachhead, slaughtering Vietnamese left and right.

For Whom the Shell Trolls

Bounce an opponent into the air with a rocket and then kill them with the shotgun before they land.

This achievement is easier to get than you might think, thanks to a small window between the enemy landing and when they can die to trigger the achievement. To do this, simply blow an enemy into the air with a rocket, whip out your shotugn, and start blasting away. If they land, you have a second or two until the achievement timer runs out and you have to try again. As a direct rocket hit deals quite a bit of damage, you can finish off most classes in about two shots from your shotgun (except the Heavy).

To farm this, get a friend to play Scout. Blast him up into the air with a rocket and then shoot him with your shotgun. He should die and you'll get the achievement. The Scout can also double-jump to maintain the air-time to give you more of a chance to get this achievement. Either way, it's very easy to farm or to do normally, so should be one of the first you get.

Note: This achievement is an obvious reference to the Ernest Hemingway novel Fro Whom The Bell Tolls. This novel is considered one of his classic works, and portrays war in a stark and realistic manner.

Tri-Splatteral Damage

Kill 3 enemies with a single critical rocket.

This achievement is very hard to do normally thanks to the lack of reliable criticals when you need them and the peculiarties of blast radius physics. The best place to potentially get this achievement is while you are firing on a heavily contested chokepoint. With any luck, you'll get three of the enemies fighting against you. If not, simply try again. Alternatively, wait until your team captures the flag, you get a Kritzkrieg on you, or your team wins a match to try and get this achievement, thanks to the 100% critical rate.

To farm this, damage yourself while a Medic heals you to build up Kritzkrieg charge. Have three Scouts on the enemy team, and damage them once with your rocket. Once the Kritzkrieg is charged, use it and blow the Scouts away. Voila, you have the achievement. If you don't have a Medic friend with the Krtizkrieg, you'll just have to fire rockets until you get a critical.

Note: This achievement is a possible reference to the Tri-Lateral Commission, an organization dedicated to fostering support between Europe, America, and Japan.

Death from Above

Rocket jump and kill 2 enemies before you land.

This achievement underlies the main themes of the Soldier: mobility at the cost of health and splash damage. TO get this, simply jump into the air with a rocket jump and rain down death upon your enemies. This is easiest in normal play on the balconies of 2fort, as you can likely catch two Snipers while you are soaring through the air. In fact, if you do regular 2fort balcony runs, you'll get this achievement in no time.

To farm this, get two Scouts to stand still. Have them stand next to you as you rocket jump so that they are damaged by the blast, then shoot them with another rocket while you fall. Congratulations, you now have this achievement. Did we mention that it is very easy to farm? Because it is! You can also farm it along side other achievements such as Duty Bound.

Note: If you kill an enemy on the lift-off of your rocket jump, it counts towards this achievement. You also do not have to kill enemies with the rocket launcher. If you kill someone with a melee weapon or your shotgun, it also counts.

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