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Feature: Big Download's Top 10 Favorite PC Game Demos of 2009

Releasing a demo for a game is a piece of art in itself. You don't want to give away too much of the full game yet you want to give out just enough to both satisfy a gamer as well as leave him or her wanting more. Perhaps that's why a lot of high profile PC developers don't bother with releasing demos for their games these days.

Thankfully PC gamers got a lot of free samples to games both big and small in 2009. We decided to pick our top 10 favorite demos for the past year. Picking our favorite demos can be even harder than picking full games. Since all demos are by definition free to play you can't complain about the price. However some demos feature more content than others and some demos are so addictive you can't stop playing them. We think you will find that all of our demo picks have something of value.

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