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Spike TV: No overall host planned for 2009 Video Game Awards

With five days remaining for Spike TV to broadcast their latest entry in their Video Game Awards ceremony, we have been wondering if the show will have an overall celeb host for the event on December 12. Today the cable TV channel has released a preliminary list of celeb presenters and Big Download has confirmed with a Spike TV rep that there won't be an actual overall host for the show.

The presenters this year include folks like Jake Gyllenhaal (who will also promote his starring role in the upcoming game-to-movie adaptation of Prince of Persia), Kristen Bell, Felicia Day, Tony Hawk, Tricia Helfer, Alyssa Milano, Zachary Quinto, Mike Tyson, and Olivia Wilde. Snoop Dog will also be performing. However, Spike TV's PR rep has now told Big Download, "As of right now, we are going without a host, similarly to what we did for this year's Scream Awards." Past celeb hosts for the VGAs have included David Spade, Samuel L. Jackson and last year's host Jack Black.


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