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GameStop reveals Star Trek Online Collector's Edition details

We've been waiting to hear about any kind of Collector's Edition for Star Trek Online and now GameStop's web site has delivered with the details on this special version of the upcoming MMO from Cryptic Studios and Atari. The $79.99 Collector's Edition will ship on February 2 at the same time as the regular edition.

The Collector's Edition will come in special packaging with a "high quality brushed aluminum finish" and some kind of "futuristic 3dX holography". The contents will include a special version of the game's manual that will be hardbound and will also contain artwork from the game. A cast metal version of the game's badge-communicator is also included as is three guest passes to allow friends to play Star Trek Online for three days. You also get special in-game uniforms from The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine TV series. Finally there's a special in-game item; the Red Matter Capacitor which in the game can give your ship's equipment extra energy for a short period. The Red Matter Capacitor was a key part of the current J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek movie.

As we already reported, GameStop has a pre-order bonus for Star Trek Online that will give players access to a old-school Constitution Class starship as well as access to the game's open beta and an early access to the game's launch. Amazon.com has their own pre-order bonus that also grants access to the beta and adds an exclusive Borg Bridge Officer to the game.


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