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Warmachine PC game in the works

Here's a game announcement that truly went under the radar; not just for us but for most other game sites as well. Last August indie game developer WhiteMoon Dreams announced they were teaming up with Privateer Press to adapt their table-top fantasy war game Warmachine as a video game. According to their press release last August, the game will have both single and multiplayer modes as it will "allow players to control various warcasters and their warjack battle groups as they fight across interactive battlefields."

Big Download emailed WhiteMoon Dreams' Norvell Thomas after finding out about their Warmachine game plans and he confirmed to us that the title is indeed being developed for the PC as well as consoles. As far as the current status of the game he told us, "As of right now, we are hard at working building a gorgeous demo for us to showcase by GDC 2010. By that time, our hope is that we can convince some publishers to take a look at ths IP, and proceed to fund for full development. Til then, we will keep working hard and making this an amazing game!." We hope to get more info about their Warmachine adaptation efforts in the near future.


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