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Alone In The Dark 2 movie sequel coming to DVD

Earlier this week the US got the official DVD release of Far Cry, the latest butchering . . . er, video game-to-movie adaptation from director Uwe Boll. However it looks like one of his first such adaptation attempts has gotten a sequel.

That would be Alone in the Dark 2, which was first released in other parts of the world in 2008. The good news is that for this latest shot at adapting the survival horror game series Boll served just as a producer of this flick (he directed the first movie in 2005). The odd news is that the movie's lead character Edward Carby, played by Christian Slater in the first movie, has changed into Korean American actor Rick Yune for the sequel (he can be seen in the just released Ninja Assassin). The Wikipedia page for the movie states that the US DVD release is sometime this winter. You have officially been warned.


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