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Big Download's 2009 PC Gamer Single Player Game Holiday Gift Guide

So you are looking for a PC game to give your favorite gamer. But maybe he or she doesn't care to deal with . . . what's the word we are looking for . . . oh yes, "people". They don't want a game that has any kind of component that allows them to actually interact online with others. They just want a game that they can play on their PC on their own without the need to deal with what they might call "noobs"

While the single player-only game is starting to become an endangered species on the PC, that doesn't mean they are not out there now. Big Download has a list of 10 terrific titles (plus one that will be out soon that we have high hopes for) for the PC gamer that thinks this whole "multiplayer" thingie is just a passing fad. From first person shooters to big scale RPGs to smaller downloadable indie titles, we think there's something out there for any person on your gaming list.

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