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Download full version of Stubbs The Zombie for free (really) [Update]

Well, what do you know? We talk a lot about downloading games on the cheap here at Big Download but there's also some games that that you can get for absolutely nothing. Today that list just got a new addition; Stubbs the Zombie. There is a way to get the 2005 released zombie action game from developer Wideload Games without paying a penny.

Head on over to Game Agent's web site; that's the PC and Mac game download store for Stubbs the Zombie's publisher Aspyr Media. When you see that game listed hit the "Download Now" button. In the promo code section type ASPYRTHANKS inside and activate it. POOF. That $9.99 game just turned into a $0.00 game. There's no word on how long the promo code will last, however, so we suggest grabbing it now.

Update: Looks like the free promotion is done. The game has gone up to $19.99 and the promo code knocks the sales price down to $4.99. Super-cheap . . .but not free.
[Via Worthplaying]

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