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Champions Online to deal with a "Confrontation"; free weekend next week

Cryptic Studios' super hero MMO Champions Online has already had one free content update since its September launch. On Tuesday the game gets a second free update that not only adds new perks and costume sets to the MMO but adds a new lair and adventure as well.

The update is called Nemesis Confrontation and has your noble player characters fighting to get out of an intergalactic prison to deal with their Nemeses, the alien Gladiators and the creature who gathered them together, the super evil Shadow Destroyer. As you can see from the screenshots the Gladiators have some . . . kinky costume styles. If you want to try out the update a little earlier Nemesis Confrontation is currently on Champions Online's test server. In addition to the free update, the entire game will be free to play for any newbies from November 26-30.


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