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BioShock 2 Special Edition announced

After being left out of a lot of the "special" packages for games, PC gamers get a pretty nice one with the announcement today of the BioShock 2 Special Edition. As revealed today on the Cult of Rapture community site, the collector's edition of the upcoming 2K Marin-Digital Extremes-2K Games first person shooter will be released for the PC for $89.99 alongside the regular edition on February 9. There will just be one production run on this puppy so quantities will be limited.

In addition to the game of course, the Special Edition comes with a 164 page hardcover art book with developer commentary, a CD with the BioShock 2 soundtrack, a vinyl LP with songs from the first BioShock game, and three posters with Rapture city ads. All of the contents will be put into a special 13x13 inch package. It's actually looking like it will be worth the $30 bucks.

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