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Funcom dangles some carrots for old Age of Conan players

Funcom seems to be trying very hard to get old players of its MMO Age of Conan back on their subscriptions. Today the developer announced that old players in good standing can return to play the game for free for two weeks. They are even throwing in double experience points for your character during the free time period

And that's not all. If you actually decide to come back to the game full time you have some special subscription offers. If you do the regular month-to-month plan you get an extra seven days of game time for free. If you sign up for three months you get the seven free days plus a guarantee to be in the beta test for Funcom's next MMO project The Secret World. Signing up for six months gets those items plus a uber cool in-game helmet. Going all out with a year's subscription gets you all of the previous offers plus free access to the game's upcoming expansion Rise of the Godslayer.


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