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Play with Jenny McCarthy on your PC this holiday

Now before a lot of you go crazy thinking about that headline above, it's not exactly what you may be thinking. Yes, soon you will be able to play with a virtual version of the former Playboy Playmate and Singled Out hostess. Ubisoft has announced that their upcoming working "game" Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy, will be released for the PC platform. Previously the game was supposed to be an exclusive for the Wii game console.

Due for release sometime during the holiday time period of 2009, the game will allow you to work out with McCarthy as your coach with Ubisoft claiming it has more exercises than any other fitness game. In a feature that's similar to Microsoft's upcoming Project Natal, the game comes with a camera that serves as the game's controller. It can also serve as a webcam when you are not "exercising"


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