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Download: Gratuitous Space Battles Demo

This is the playable demo for Gratuitous Space Battles. The full game can be purchased for $22.99 and the official trailer can be seen above.

Gratuitous Space Battles is a "strategy / management / simulation game that does away with all the base building and delays and gets straight to the meat and potatoes of science-fiction games: The big space battles fought by huge spaceships with tons of laser beams and things going 'zap!', 'ka-boom!' and 'ka-pow!'. In GSB you put your ships together from modular components, arrange them into fleets, give your ships orders of engagement and then hope they emerge victorious from battle (or at least blow to bits in aesthetically pleasing ways)."

Download Gratuitous Space Battles Demo (46 MB)
Download HD Gratuitous Space Battles Trailer (26 MB)


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