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New free update for Age of Conan released; new pricing for subscribers

Funcom's fantasy MMO Age of Conan has given its customers a new free content update to check out this week. The updated, titled Night of Lost Souls, has some Halloween-themed content with three new quests that will give players a chance to "challenge the dark and mysterious ghosts of Hyboria's fallen warriors." Special rewards will include gaining a pet demon and a new weapon, the Unholy Backscratcher (and no, we aren't kidding).

A new high level dungeon has also been added in the update and Funcom is also activating the game's new Veteran's Points system where players who have been subscribing to the game for at least a month will get some special stuff by accumulating points and using them via the game's vendors. Finally there are some new subscriber discounts if you pay for more than one month at a time. People who pay for three months get a 20 percent price reduction while six month customers get a 30 percent subscriber discount. If you want to pay for a full year the price goes down 45 percent.


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