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Left 4 Dead 2 PC demo still not out but Steam updates go live

It's 4:30 pm Eastern time as this post goes live and, well, there are a lot of unhappy Left 4 Dead 2 fans out there. It's been over a day since the expected release of the PC demo for pre-orders of Valve's zombie shooter via Steam but the release has seemlngly been pushed back yet again. Xbox 360 owners have been playing the demo for over a day on their console. Meanwhile Valve has been pushing new updates to the PC pre-load without unlocking the demo to actually play. That includes a rather massive update that was released early this morning. The current expected release is now for 5 pm ET but it's more than possible that could change.

Although we are still waiting for the demo, Valve has updated the Steam client that fixes some Windows 7 issues. Steam has also added an email confirmation system for security reasons for people who want to change their contact info, password and other items on their account.

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