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Interplay releases first concept art for possible Fallout MMO

Interplay's long-in-development "Project V13" MMO (which is unofficially their attempt at a Fallout-based MMO title) continues as the publisher also continues its legal fight with current Fallout owner Bethesda Softworks. Fallout fan site No Mutants Allowed has revealed that Bethesda has lost a preliminary injunction in their lawsuit against Interplay for the rights to the game. The info comes from an anonymous Interplay investor known as ""frymuchan" and apparently means that Interplay can continue to work on the game while the court case with Bethesda goes forward.

Because of this legal development, Interplay's official message boards have posted up the first concept artwork for "Project V13". We've taken the liberty of posting up what they have displayed so far on our site. The artwork is very "Fallout-like" but of course the final in-engine game could look different.


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