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Rumor: Leaked Modern Warfare 2 footage reveals new controversy

Modern Warfare 2 is now less that two weeks from release but already leaked footage from the full game have hit the Interwebs. One video in particular seems to show a scene that could get more people upset than the recent reveal that Washington DC is a battleground in the game.

We don't like spoiling major plot points, so if you don't want to know what happens in this allegedly leaked footage, read no further. For the rest of you we will see you after the jump:
The footage apparently shows your character and some AI teammates gunning down unarmed civilians at an airport for several minutes. It's been suggested by some who have seen the footage that your character is a deep undercover operative from the CIA that has found its way to a terrorist unit. It's still pretty disturbing even though the sequence was actually hinted at in the game's first teaser trailer.

We have seen the footage ourselves and can confirm that it does show what is descibed above. However it looks like publisher Activision is quickly taking steps to remove the footage from the Internet for copyright purposes. We've emailed them and Infinity Ward to get their comments.

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