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Babylon 5 creator to write Shattered Union movie

The 2005 turn based strategy game Shattered Union wasn't exactly a huge hit when it was released (indeed it turned out to be the last game for its developer Poptop Software; it's owner Take Two Interactive shut the studio down in 2006). The reviews were a bit on the average side as well. However its basic story premise of near-future where the US is split into several different countries is good enough to get Hollywood types to want to make a movie version.

According to Variety, Take Two has sold the movie rights to Shattered Union to blockbuster movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer. He plans to make the movie version at his long time studio partner Disney (where he is in post-production on the upcoming movie version of another game property Prince of Persia) Writer J. Michael Straczynski, best known to us geeks as the creator of the sci-fi TV series Babylon 5, will write the script adaptation. He's been mostly a movie writer for the past few years, scripting the recent Clint Eastwood directed drama Changling. He also co-wrote the action flick Ninja Assassin that's due in theaters November 25.

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