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Spike TV Video Game Awards 2009 to announce new titles

It's coming up sooner than you think. It's Spike TV's annual Video Game Awards and it will be held on December 12 in Los Angeles. Spike will broadcast the event live this year (no massive delay like their Scream Awards event). Last year, the awards was used to debut a number of new game trailers for upcoming games.

In a new interview from the Scream Awards at Coin-op TV's YouTube channel, Spike TV's gaming head man Geoff Keighley reveals that not only will new trailers be show at this year's awards ceremony but they will be breaking news on all new unannounced titles as well. In essence it looks like Spike TV wants to make the awards ceremony to be a mini-E3 in terms of game announcement. That may boost ratings for the show this year. Our suggestion? No musical performances, please. You can check out the YouTube video after the jump.


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