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DiRT 2 trailer races to show off DirectX 11 features

The PC port of DiRT 2 will be one of the first games to support DirectX 11, making it "the best looking racing game that has ever existed." Judging by the tech demo shown above, it's hard to argue with that. The DiRT 2 tech video demonstrates extensive use of Tessellation, which is "implemented on the GPU to calculate a smoother curved surface resulting in more graphically detailed images, including more lifelike characters." It also compares the DX11 look to DirectX 9.0c.

However, players will need to upgrade to Windows 7 (DX11 for Vista will be released at a future unspecified date) and ATI is currently the only manufacturer to have DX11 cards available. Players will have some time to save up and take advantage of these features, since DiRT 2 for the PC won't be releasing until December.

The official DiRT 2 for PC trailer can be seen after the jump.

Download HD DiRT 2 DirectX 11 Tech Video (98 MB)
Download HD DiRT 2 PC Trailer (65 MB)
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