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Borderlands PC early owners may have to wait to play

When news hit that the PC version of Borderlands would have its release delayed six days after the console release, we figured the game wouldn't actually be in stores until that day. Not true. According to reports on Gearbox Software's message boards a handful of legit PC copies of the first person shooter have made their way to people. Unfortunately the game's DRM is keeping folks from playing the game until October 26.

A message on 2K Games' forums by the publisher's community manager states, "I'll let you know when I have more to tell you, but as of right now I'm looking in to things!." Big Download also contacted Gearbox head Randy Pitchford who told us,"I don't know if something can be done to unlock copies for people that somehow get a copy before the street date.. I certainly can't do anything about it, but I understand and am sympathetic to the frustration. I remember getting HL2 from Best Buy before street date and being *really* frustrated that I had the game in-my-hands, but that I wasn't going to be allowed to play for a few more days. I know how that feels. I'm sorry it's happening to customers of Borderlands and I wish there was something I could do about it."

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