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Lack of dedicated servers in Modern Warfare 2 PC causes massive petition signing

Online petitions are kind of like 50 cents nowadays. Having both will get you a call on a pay phone and not much else. However the revelation that developer Infinity Ward won't release a dedicated online multiplayer server for their FPS Modern Warfare 2 has generated a ton of angry online petition signers.

The Petitiononline.com web site has nearly 80,000 signers (at the moment) who feel that this move from allowing dedicated servers to having Infinity Ward run their own matchmaking service for the PC port is a step in the wrong direction for the Modern Warfare 2 online community. In truth, no matter how you feel about this decision, the fact that Infinity Ward kept this major change to itself until just three weeks before the game comes out smells to us like they knew it wouldn't be a popular move. We've tried to contact Infinity Ward's community manager Robert Bowling for comment but so far we have yet to receive a response.

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