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Risen rises to top of latest Direct2Drive top 10 sales list

Direct2Drive's latest list of its top 10 best selling PC games downloaded for the week that ended October 3 shows that the Piranha Bytes-developed fantasy RPG Risen is at the number one spot. It's an . . .interesting choice since the game has gotten decidedly mixed reviews from critics so far. NCsoft's MMO Aion has fallen back down the list to the number three slot (Standard Edition) and number five (Collector's Edition). The post-apocalypse MMO Fallen Earth seems to have staying power; it's at number two for the week.

Keep in mind that many of the games on this Direct2Drive list were boosted by its $5 sales promotion:

1. Risen - Piranha Bytes/Deep Silve
2. Fallen Earth - Fallen Earth, LLC
3. Aion - NCSoft
4. Mount and Blade ($5 Sale) - TaleWorlds/Paradox Interactive
5. Aion Collector's Edition - NCSoft
6. World of Goo (45 Sale) - 2D Boy
7. Champions Online - Cryptic Studios/Atari
8. BioShock ($5 Sale) - 2K Boston/2K Games
9. Defense Grid: The Awakening ($5 Sale) - Hidden Path
10. Civilization 4 ($5 Sale) - Firaxis/2K Games

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