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The Half-Life 2 human voice mod is either odd or sheer genius

Half-Life 2 may be approaching its 5th anniversary but the Valve created first person shooter can still inspire mod makers to create some . . . interesting and even original modifications for the game. The latest such mod that has generated buzz on the interwebs isn't your typical mod. It doesn't add content, really, and doesn't change Half-Life 2's gameplay.

What it does it replace nearly all of the game's audio effects with a person's voice.

Let that sink in.

The mod maker known only as "Trace" used his voice to replace the gun sounds, hit sounds, vehicles sounds, explosions sounds . . in all 1,327 of Half-Life 2's audio effects were replace with this guy's voice handling it all (the character voices are not replaced).. It's silly, it's sometimes dumb but it's certainly brilliant. We think this will start a new trend. Can you imagine replacing the sounds for, say, BioShock or Fallout 3 or . . .well, anything? The mind boggles.

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