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Spawn Labs launches way to play console games remotely on PC

OnLive, Gaikai. OToy. All of these services have promised to bring PC games to low end PC hardware via broadband connections with the games played and stored on the server. But what about playing console games remotely on the PC? A newly revealed company called Spawn Labs claims to not only have a product that does just that but has put that product on sale today on its web site.

Spawn Labs revealed its company and its product, the Spawn HD-720, at the TechCrunch demo conference today. The product consists of a set-top box which costs $199.95 that you connect to your console. It also requires a separate adapter for your console for $29.99 (it supports the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and GameCube). You then register at the Spawn Labs web site, download the software to your PC, hook up the Spawn Labs set-top box to your supported console as well as your wireless router via an Ethernet cable. Then you can start playing any console game in the hard drive on on the disk via your PC on your wireless network or remotely if you are on the road.

The system requirements for the PC include Windows XP, Vista or 7 (sorry, no Mac support) and a bandwidth of between 500kbps to 1Mbps for standard definition gaming and 2-5Mbps for high-definition gaming. Any PC processor should do for standard definition gaming but the requirements recommend a PC with two processor cores for high-def gaming.


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