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Gabe Newell going to Australia on fans' dime to check out L4D campaign

You may remember that the Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott organizers were flown to Valve's offices in Seattle recently to check out the upcoming zombie co-op shooter for themselves. That got another person, based in Australia, upset. He wanted to be flown to Valve so the dev team could see his own Left 4 Dead campaign.

Valve's head man Gabe Newell responded to the Australian (known as "Joe W-A") by saying he had to be flown to Australia to see the campaign. Thus began the off-the-cuff "Fly Gabe Newell" fund raising project. In less than three days, the effort has raised over $3,000 to send Newell to Australia. Newell has written back saying that both he and fellow Valve teammate Erik Johnson will be heading to Australia as agreed (an exact date has not been announced).

Which just goes to show you that fans will donate money to pretty much anything . . . even flying a guy who could likely pay for the trip himself with change from his pocket to Australia.

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