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Just Cause 2 video goes into freefall

It looks like vertical gameplay is the new black. Damnation (released earlier this year) tried to lift players up tall buildings and Dark Void (delayed until 2010) will strap rocket packs onto gamers and let them climb up rocky cliffs. Now Just Cause 2 is getting into the mix with its own brand of verticality - which only goes to show, when your done building out, start building up.

In Just Cause 2, players can get the drop (so to speak) on enemies by climbing to great heights using either the character's grappling hook or by hijacking a helicopter. From that point, they can jump into a free fall, pull their parachute chord and fire down at enemies while maneuvering midair. The vertical gameplay also covers mid-air combat, where players can fire into the chopper cockpits and send them hurtling to the ground. Players will have a chance to see whether the sky really is the limit when Just Cause 2 releases in 2010 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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