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Wolfenstein suffers from poor first month sales

Last month a developer from Raven Software pledged to pay for every copy of Wolfenstein sold if the first person shooter outsold Madden NFL 10. We figured that wasn't going to happen but we had no idea how badly the first person shooter would sell out of the gate.

Gamespot reports that according to the August 2009 sales figures from the NPD Group Wolfenstein managed to sell just over 17,000 copies of the PC version that month (it was released to stores on August 18). Combining the PC sales with the console versions and the game sold just 106,000 copies for the month. This was despite a solid marketing campaign by publisher Activision which included a tie-in to the release of the movie Inglourious Basterds. Activision laid off a number of Raven's team members shortly after Wolfenstein was released. The game is also the last in a long line of games that Activision published with id Software's input. id's next game Rage will be published by EA and their next Doom game will be published under its new owners at Zenimax Media.

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