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LucasArts officially confirms Lucidity

As promised, GameTrailersTV confirmed the existance of a new internally developed game from LucasArts earlier this morning and it turns out it's a game which got its reveal leaked a couple of months ago. It's called Lucidity and it's apparently coming to both the PC and Xbox Live Arcade platforms in downloadable format.

As described and shown on the show, the game is a 2D combination of a side scroller and a puzzle game. The main character Sophie runs through the levels with an art style that reminds you of a children's book. The catch? You are not actually controlling Sophie; she runs from point A to point B of her own free will. You have to make sure she gets to point B by solving puzzles that enable her to reach her destination. Apparently the game will be released on Xbox Live Arcade later this month but there's no word on when the PC version will be released.

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