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Battlefield 2 patch to be released Tuesday; previous map packs now free

Battlefield 2 players have been waiting, waiting and waiting for the final official release of the 1.50 patch for their first person shooter from Digital Illusions and Electronic Arts. Now the game's official blog site has announced that after a year of development and three beta tests, the final official 1.50 patch will indeed be released this coming Tuesday.

In addition to adding a new map (Operation Blue Pearl) to the game, the patch will have a number of additional features (such as widescreen support and support for the Novint Falcon controller) along with gameplay changes and bug fixes. It will also require that a previously released map, Highway Tampa, be installed into the main game. Finally the two previously released Battlefield 2 Booster Packs (Euro Forces and Armored Fury), each with three maps, will now be included in the free patch. All in all this update will add eight free maps for Battlefield 2 players.


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