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Fallen Earth retail release delayed by six days

One of the many retail MMO products due for released in the next month has been delayed but only by six days from its originally announced release date. Fallen Earth, the post-apocalyptic MMO from developer Icarus Studios, was to have shipped to stores on September 9 but will now be released on September 15. According to a note on the game's official web site, the delay was needed "to continue work on server and client optimizations as well as graphic improvements."

As we mentioned the next month will be full of MMO game launches. On August 25, Vogster Entertainment launches CrimeCraft via download and in Best Buy stores. On September 1, Atari and Cryptic Studios launch Champions Online. Fallen Earth is now set for September 15 and on September 22 comes NCsoft's long awaited fantasy MMO Aion.
What MMO do you plan to buy?
CrimeCraft4 (1.8%)
Champions Online23 (10.2%)
Fallen Earth36 (15.9%)
Aion45 (19.9%)
None of the above118 (52.2%)

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