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Dreamkiller trailer provides an alternative to psychotherapy

Dreamkiller might sound like the title of a game where players find some way to crush the hopes of aspiring musicians, artists and athletes, but it's actually an a completely over-the-top shooter that follows in the same vein as games like (surpise!) Painkiller. Dreamkiller's developers, Mindware Studios, also worked on Painkiller Overdose. In it, players take the role of Alice Drake, a psychologist with the ability to enter people's dreams and literally blast away the root of neurotic disorders. Players will have an access to a variety of high powered weapons to fight through 12 bizarre levels that reflect the disturbed minds of each patient. The game is expected to release this holiday season for the PC and Xbox 360.

Download HD Dreamkiller Teaser Trailer (80 MB)

Gallery: Dreamkiller


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