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Cryptic sneaks live demo of Star Trek Online; PC Gamer covers are...sexy

Cryptic Studios has show a trailern and released a lot of screenshots of Star Trek Online but so far there's been no live demo of the upcoming and long awaited sci-fi MMO game. However that changed last week at a Las Vegas Star Trek convention (the same convention where a year ago Cryptic first showed the trailer to the game) as the developer made a surprise move by presenting a live demo of the game during a meet-and-greet with fans.

Trekmovie.com has a report on the live demo (photos and videos were banned from recording the event) where both a space battle and planet-side combat was shown. The writer seemed impressed with the demo although he did say the game looks right now like a basic MMO with a "Star Trek" skin to it. Meanwhile the new issue of PC Gamer magazine has Star Trek Online as its cover story/preview. One of its cover images is of a cleavage heavy female Vulcan. In fact the issue has four collectible covers; one (sent to subscribers) has a boring starship cover. The other three, all on the newstand, feature sexy female Trek aliens. In addition to the Vulcan there's a female Klingon and a custom made female alien to drool over . . . if you're into that sort of thing.


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