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A gentleman does not Fall Over

What would happen if real-life physics were applied to the world of 2D, pixelated platform games? What would happen if Mega Man tipped over if he got to far off a platform, thus making the jump impossible? This is the theme of Fall Over, an excellent game by the accomplished Hempuli. It's not hard by any means, but its interesting blend of physics and 2D platforming is strangely appealing and addicting. We'd love to see another game in this vein.

The goal of Fall Over is to reach the flag with as many coins as possible. However, you have real physics being applied to your every move. This means that if you attempt to ump onto a platform and hit your head on the platform above it, your man will fall on his back. If you move to the edge, he will gradually lose his balance and tumble over. You can't die, but you can only stand up from nasty falls three times before you have to restart the level.


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