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Command and Conquer music composer looks back at his work

Some of the best game music ever composed was made for the Command and Conquer game series by Frank Klepacki. The action-pack score for the very first game in the RTS series is still memorable today. Now Klepacki is looking back at the making of the soundtrack in an article on his Facebook page.

He goes over some of the influences in the game's music, saying, "Everything from Peter Gabriel, to Pink Floyd, to Nine Inch Nails, to various soundtracks" were referenced. He goes over the creation of many of the tunes in the soundtrack and also reveals tracks that didn't make it into the game. He states, "A thrashy number called 'Die' complete with distorted screaming was way over the top, and even the instrumental version was cut. A retro 80's club style song called 'C&C 80's mix' was also cut." While the article is fairly brief it should be of interest to both game music fans and C&C fans.

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