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Combat Arms adds new Quarantine (i.e. Zombie) Mode

We got to see a teaser trailer for the new Quarantine Mode last week but today Nexon America has announced that the new gameplay mode is now available for all players of Combat Arms, their free-to-play first-person shooter. This is basically Combat Arms' entry into the apparently growing number of shooters with some kind of zombie action.

The mod features players on a new map, Operation Overdose, where players are picked randomly to play zombies or regular humans. Player zombies have melee attacks that they can use to turn the human team into zombies. Naturally the human players don't care for this whole "living dead" option and want to shoot the zombies down. However zombies have some advantages; they are highly resistant to bullets, moderately resistant to fire, explosions and melee attacks and completely immune to any poison attacks. Oh and critical hits? Not gonna do it to the undead.

The new update also adds some new weapons to the game including new shotguns, assault rifles and a new flamethrower.
Download HD Combat Arms 'Quarantine Mode' Trailer (430 MB)
Download the Combat Arms Install Client (752 MB)
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