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Rumor: EA's Dead Space vets defect to Activision?

It can be a cutthroat world in the games industry at time and it looks like a particular deal has been struck that has taken two of Electronic Arts' rising stars to move to arch-rival Activision. GameSpot is reporting through unnamed sources that Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey, the general manager and COO, respectively, of EA's Visceral Studios, have defected to work for Activision in an all new studio that will be established in the San Fransisco Bay area.

Ironically the pair are leaving the studio just a few months after EA re-branded the team from the plain-jane EA Redwood Shores to Visceral Games. In part the name change was made to emphasis the studio's move to make more adult action games like last year's Dead Space and next year's Dante's Inferno that Schofield and Condrey helped to create. It's currently unknown what Activision will be calling its new dev studio.


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