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Former Blizzard North exec to lead Marvel Universe MMO developer

A few months ago we reported on the official public launch of the stealth Gazillion Entertainment, a multi-studio developer that worked mostly on MMO games. Today the company announced that one of their various studios, Gargantuan, will be lead by David Brevik who previously was the president of Blizzard North.

Blizzard North, as many of you may know, created the first two games in the Diablo action-RPG series.Brevik and several of the team's members later left the company to form the now defunct Flagship Studios. Brevik will now lead Gargantuan's efforts to make the upcoming Marvel Universe MMO, the long awaited massively multiplayer game based on the Marvel super hero universe. He will also be attending this week's San Diego Comic-Con where he will be participating in an MMO panel on Thursday.

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