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Gabe Newell: Game community could help fund projects

As the costs of creating games with high end graphics and artwork continue to rise, indie game developers might wonder where the money to begin development can come from if a publisher or high-end investory is not involved. Valve's head man Gabe Newell has a suggestion: let the game community do it.

In a video interview with an Australian based web site TV show Good Game, Newell states, "It would be really great if we could evolve Steam in a way that made it possible so that a developer could say, you know, 'if you want this game to start moving forward, here's the sort of 'seed round',' were people can sort of opt-in and say 'I'll pay thirty dollars and I own a piece of this game going forward.'"

At least one developer, Stardock allows people to play beta versions of their upcoming games if they pre-order the title. We are sure that asking for money from game fans to fund their game development will run into all sorts of tax issues for both parties. However if there are simple loopholes around such laws a community funded game project should be possible

[Via Blue's News]

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