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G4 to air E3 2009 booth babe special

We remember reading an article a few years ago from a respected journalists about how E3 and the game industry in general wouldn't be taken seriously if they continued to allow publishers to have booth babes parading around in the exhibit hall. Today booth models at E3 are not just expected but celebrated as part of the culture of the show.

The latest evidence of this turnaround is an upcoming one-hour special on the G4 cable TV network called Confessions of a Booth Babe. The show, hosted by former Playboy bunny Sara Underwood, was filmed at last month's E3 2009 event and "explores how these young women were chosen and what exactly their job entails." We predict part of the job deals with keeping sweaty geeks from hitting on them. The show airs on Saturday, July 25 at 7 pm ET/PT. Of course you could prepare for the show by checking out our own E3 booth model galleries . . . just a thought.


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