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Midway no more? [Update]

It's possible that you can say "good bye" to the logo above this post. As of today Midway is no longer an actual company as most of its assets and IP are now officially under the Warner Bros. Interactive label. Indeed the Chicago-based Midway development studio has apparently been renamed Warner Brothers Games - Chicago according to a Twitter message from one of the game's development team members.

As we have reported before, Warner Bros bought most of Midway in late June for $33 million. That price includes two of Midway's four internal development teams; Chicago, home of the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise (and yes, work is underway on the next game in the series), and Seattle where the open world action game This is Vegas was in development (its current status is unknown). Two other former Midway studios, one in San Diego and the other in the UK, have less than two months to find new owners or they will be shut down. It's currently unknown if the Midway name will be kept as a brand under Warner Bros. but at the moment that seems unlikely.

Update: Our sister site Joystiq reports that a Midway spokesperson admitted that while Warner Bros. owns the Midway name and trademarks, "
. . to say the name is dead, it's silly but, ya know, it's premature -- the company Midway Games, Inc. still exists." Technically he is correct because the two studios not bought by Warner Bros. are still in operation but again they will shut down in less than two months if a buyer or buyers are not found for them.


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